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We have offices in the North and South islands of New Zealand, as well as offices in all Australian states.

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Managing Director,
Stuart Patterson

With more than 21 years’ experience in the building industry, Stuart Patterson is a founding partner and the Managing Director of Pattersons Insurerbuild, Australia’s largest specialised insurance repairer.

An experienced qualified carpenter (1991) with both commercial and domestic building licences (1996), Stuart’s years of trade and business experience provided him with the skills to starthis own company.

A chance introduction to an insurance assessor in 1996 was the meeting that would change the future for the insurance builder forever. With Stuart taking responsibility for the building and his wife Nicole in the office, and operating in an industry devoted to quality and service, the newly formed Pattersons soon started setting new benchmarks. It wasn’t long before the new kids on the block developed a name and reputation that saw them working with multiple insurers and setting a new standard for the industry.

Stuart pioneered building operating models that have now been adopted by all the major insurers and the practices he established at Pattersons Insurerbuild has set the benchmark for quality and service within the insurance building repair sector. In 1999 Stuart entered into discussions with two major insurers with a vision of expanding Pattersons Insurerbuild country-wide. With a trial branch in Bendigo in 2000, the model was developed and when the Sydney branch opened in 2001, Pattersons Insurerbuild became the first insurance builder to step outside its state of residence. By 2003 Pattersons Insurerbuild had officially pioneered the national expansion and to this day leads the market with further expansion into New Zealand in 2010.

Stuart holds builder licenses in all the states of Australia and is dedicated to remaining an industry leader. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with Nicole and their three children as well as supporting his beloved AFL team, Carlton.